We are Licensed and Insured in Virginia & North Carolina!

Department of Defense, Public Schools, Local Municipalities, Department of Transportation, Public and Private companies have trusted us and so can you.

Class A Contractor License – Virginia
Unlimited General Contracting License – North Carolina
Electrical License – Virginia & North Carolina

Master HVAC Ventilation & A/C – Virginia
Master Electrical – Virginia
Journeyman Electrician – Virginia
Master Plumbing – Virginia
Master Gas Fitter – Virginia

U.S. EPA Led Safety for Renovation, Repairs & Painting – Virginia
– Needed for projects involving pre-1978 construction.
Responsible Land Disturber – Erosion & Sediment – Virginia
– Department of Environmental Quality certifies land-disturbing activity is in accordance with
an approved erosion and sediment control plan.

Trained Technicians:
Anabec Technicians
– Needed for mold, fungicide, or mildew remediation, also institutional cleaning and wildlife
decontamination. There are many more applications and uses for these industrial cleaners.
Forklift Operators
– Big jobs require big equipment, so we have that too.